The invisible burden: The influence of medications on our drinking water

At HydrateMe we have a mission: More water quality in every household!

That's why today we have to look again at a topic that affects us all, but is often overlooked:

We are talking about drug residues in drinking water.

Yes, unfortunately they are real and therefore also an issue for our health!

We already discussed this recently, but we think the topic is so important that we are now devoting a separate article to it. The invisible pollution caused by drug residues in the water is becoming an increasingly bigger problem.

Bring awareness

Have you ever wondered what happens to the leftovers that our body doesn't process after swallowing a pill?

Or what happens if – as unfortunately happens very often – we flush old medication down the toilet?

Let's take a closer look at the effects and, above all, how you can better protect yourself and your family.

What are drug residues and how do they get into the water?

The invisible journey of medication

Drug residues are tiny traces of drugs that enter the environment after their use in the human body or in animal husbandry.

Some of these residues find their way into our waters, be it through direct discharge or indirectly, initially through application to our soil. The latter is a big problem, especially in agriculture.

Ultimately, there is a risk that medication residue will end up in our drinking water. The problem is so relevant that Federal Environment Agency has also taken on the monitoring of this topic.

Sources of contamination

The question now is, how exactly do drug residues end up in the water?

In the end it is a combination of several factors. On the one hand, drug residues enter the wastewater directly via human excreta in hospitals and private households.

These drug residues can then be immediately detected in the wastewater. The concentration has been proven to be significantly increased, particularly in metropolitan areas.

Who would have thought that the pill we take for headaches doesn't go away completely once we take it?

On the other hand, industrial wastewater and agricultural activities also contribute to this pollution.

“There are currently over 400 active ingredients on the market in veterinary medicine in Germany (as of 2018: 443) … per year In 2022, 540 t of antibiotics were given to veterinarians in animal husbandry alone." (Source: Federal Environment Agency< /font> )

“Antibiotic resistance in human pathogenic bacteria is a serious public health problem. Multi-resistant microorganisms have also been detected in the environment several times." (Source: Umweltbundesamt )

It is also a complex problem that requires further solutions in the future.

Health risks of medications in drinking water

An underestimated risk

The health effects of these drug residues are not yet fully understood. But current research suggests they should be taken seriously.

From hormonal imbalances to antibiotic resistance, the potential risks are diverse and worrying.

A real wake-up call! “Fish from German rivers (including brass fillets from the environmental sample bank) were contaminated with seven active ingredients and ten degradation products that are formed in humans or the environment.” These include, among other things, painkillers, a blood thinner and a heart medication. (Source:  Federal Environment Agency  )

The measuring methods for fabric traces are getting better and better. This is very welcome as it creates transparency. On the other hand, it is worrying that drug residues not only pollute waterways but also accumulate in human food.

Particularly affected groups

Children, pregnant women and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to the potential effects of residual medication in water. Your body reacts more sensitively to these foreign substances. It is not recommended not to prepare baby food with untreated tap water if you are unsure.


The food for thought is obvious: We try to give ourselves and our children the cleanest and healthiest food, but we often know far too little about the water we drink.

The role of authorities and industry

Legal regulations and standards

There are various legal regulations and standards to protect our water. This is primarily why our drinking water is considered the best controlled food in Germany.


Appropriate regulations are intended to ensure that water quality remains safely within limits - for example with the Drinking Water Supply Directive.


But as we have unfortunately discovered, the limits set are often not satisfactory. It doesn't feel good to know that drug residues are even present in drinking water.


Common sense knows that the established limit values ​​cannot apply equally to every body. Starting with age, height, weight and possibly previous illnesses, limit values ​​can be met by everyone else.


It is a constant battle between technological progress and regulatory adaptation.

Responsibility of pharmaceutical companies

It is not only the task of environmental authorities and local drinking water suppliers, but also of the pharmaceutical industry to do their part to protect the water.


Some companies have therefore already started a program to take back medicines, which is a step in the right direction.


However, much remains to be done to establish more sustainable practices.

The importance of transparency

Transparency is the key word here. We as consumers have the right to know what is in our drinking water. Water suppliers are therefore obliged to prepare detailed reports on local water quality.


This means that every consumer has the opportunity to find out more about the quality of their water.

Prevention and protective measures for the individual

The first step: awareness and personal responsibility

Each of us can take steps to reduce exposure to drug residues in drinking water.


A good place to start is to be aware of what we are doing. Disposing of medications through household waste instead of the toilet already makes a big difference.


If you are unsure, you can also return expired medication to your pharmacy.


In any case, the decisive factor is: Hollywood films are not a good guide for the disposal of medication. In the film they regularly end up in the toilet.

Water filter: A real everyday helper

Now we come to what everyone can do at home or in the office: use a water filter!


We continually receive feedback from our customers who have already installed filters from us that this is the best decision for their health.


Water filters can remove all contaminants from water, including drug residues.


Not only do they improve the quality and taste of the water, but they also reduce health risks.


And there are other advantages:

  • Long-term cost savings : Although the initial investment in a good water filter is higher, in the long run you save money compared to constantly buying bottled water.

  • Convenience < /font>: Clean water straight from the tap - that's not only practical, but also soothing.

  • Environmental protection < /font>: Less bottled water means less plastic waste and less environmental impact.

Health Benefits : A high-quality water filter can even help reduce the risk of illness by removing not only drug residues but also other pollutants such as lead and chlorine.

Recommendations for health-conscious behavior

In addition to using water filters, there are other simple steps everyone can take to improve the quality of drinking water. This includes regular water analyzes and awareness of a healthy diet and lifestyle.


The issue of drug residues in drinking water is complex and requires our attention and active participation. Through conscious decisions, continued use of water filters and education, we can contribute to improving water quality and our health.


We warmly recommend our water filters to anyone who wants to further improve and control the water quality in their private household. 


Feel free to see for yourself.


Let's work together to ensure pure water and a healthy future!

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