Water filter: is it worth buying?

For anyone looking for a quick answer: YES, it's worth it! For anyone who wants to know why: That's exactly what our article is for.

Four reasons why water filters not only save money in the long run, but also have a positive effect on your own health.

Water comes home today – “by itself”

The history of water supply networks goes back to the first half of the 19th century. This development was closely linked to the growing awareness of public health and hygiene and the need to serve the growing populations in urban centers.

Today there is hardly a household in Germany that is not connected to the public water supply.

So water comes to your home easily and conveniently.

More than 5,700 public water supply companies in Germany ensure that your drinking water is delivered to your home. The Federal Environment Agency confirms: “Drinking water is the best monitored foodstuff.

So THE crucial question remains: If the water supply is so well and safely regulated, why still rely on water filters?

Because your health is worth it

The level of pollutants in our drinking water is increasing. Entries from agriculture are responsible for this, among other things.

Meat consumption goes hand in hand with a massive supply of medication and antibiotics to animals. Remains of it end up in the fields through animal excreta via manure and manure and thus end up in our soil and water.

But demographic developments also play a major role. People are getting older and older, and the consumption of medication is increasing as a result. These substances end up in our water cycle via human excretion and improper disposal in the toilet. The Federal Environment Agency regularly publishes the current status. And water suppliers must also regularly provide information on the quality of drinking water.


The increasing burden is becoming an increasingly greater challenge for water supply companies. Because traces of substances – even if below the prescribed limit values ​​– often remain detectable in drinking water.

Water filters continue to purify what is left

Water filters reduce even these smallest traces even further, ensuring you can enjoy your drinking water even more carefree – today and in the future.

In addition to drug residues, lead and chlorine residues, rust particles as well as bacteria and heavy metals are filtered out.

Everything for YOUR health!

There is a lot of debate about taste

Most people no longer question the taste of their tap water. You have no influence on it anyway. Or does it?

In our surveys, filtered water always has a better taste than pure tap water. Why?

Even the smallest deposits of chlorine, rust, moss, etc. change the taste of the water. In our water pipes in the ground, in the house and up to the tap, our water comes into contact with kilometers of pipes.

Feel free to compare it with your favorite drinking bottle. If you don't clean them regularly, deposits will build up on the walls. Of course, the same thing happens in the water pipes of our houses and apartments. It's just that you can't easily get there with a bottle cleaner. Or when was the last time your pipes were cleaned?

All coffee lovers who are particularly meticulous about their drinking water will confirm: filtered and less lime-containing water really completes the enjoyment of coffee.

We therefore recommend that you try it out for yourself. We are so confident that you will be delighted that we offer one to all our customers 30-day money-back guarantee offer.

Convenient delivery to the tap

It couldn't be more convenient. Once installed, drinking water filters provide immediate access to clean water straight from the tap. This eliminates the hassle of purchasing, transporting and storing bottled water.

Anyone who buys bottled water always carries twice. Once when you buy it and once when you take it away.

Of course, no one has to go without their water on the go because of a water filter. There are plastic-free bottles that can easily transport the water and ensure that you can enjoy your drinking water carefree even on the go.

Save money in the long term

Money often just slips through your fingers for everyday necessities. We then rarely think about whether what we are buying makes sense or is necessary. It's similar with water.


Let’s do the math

A liter of drinking water from the tap costs an average of 0.2 cents in Germany. To be fair: the wastewater fees, which are added on top via a distribution key, are roughly the same amount. This means: Drinking tap water costs on average 0.4 cents per liter (prices vary locally, find out the exact price from your supplier).

Let’s compare that to bottled water

What are Germans' favorite bottled water? “The most popular mineral water brand is Gerolsteiner, closely followed by Volvic and Vittel.” (Source: Statesman). With prices ranging from 45 cents (Gerolsteiner) to over a euro (Volvic) per liter, drinking water from the tap is unrivaled in comparison. 

It costs just under €6 per person per year (tap) compared to €657 to €1,460 (bottled water) - based on around 2 liters of water consumption per day. 

The more people live in a household, the faster a water filter pays into the household account. For a household of just one person, it can easily add up to a week's vacation a year. For four people, bottled water costs between €2,628 and €5,840. Craziness!


We can say that you save money from the first glass of filtered drinking water!

Try the water filter now

Fewer pollutants and residues, better taste, less effort and money saved. 

Four good reasons to use our water filters. 

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